Idumota Market
Bankole St, Lagos Island 102273, Lagos, Nigeria
Idumota Market

Review №1

Youll get literally everything you want in idumota market... Earrings- obun eko, fabrics- balogun, halloway for your interior decor. Ebutte ero, Dosumu, etc. I Sha got all on my shopping list at wholesale price.

Review №2

Market for all. I would call it the most visited market in the whole of Lagos and Nigeria. Very rowdy tho but youll definitely get whatever it is that got you there.

Review №3

There is hardly anything you cant get here in terms of utilities.Best plug for all your personal utility needs. Prices of products are quite affordable.

Review №4

A very good place to get varieties of stuffs, in sizes and different prices/qualities.

Review №5

A good plug for quality at good price. However, you have to be very careful and you must know where you are going and exactly what you want before you set out.

Review №6

The biggest local market in Lagos! You can literally get anything you want here, with good prices. Only problem is, it’s always crowded and stressful! Which is expected.Best time to go is in the morning because of traffic, depending where one is coming from, so you can go and get back home on time. 👍🏽

Review №7

The picture here represents the calm before the chaos. Idumota market is not for the faint hearted. Be ready to haggle price, move from one vendor to another in your quest for best price.And most importantly, hold your personal belongings closely. It could get snatched if youre careless. Lots of foot traffic and over-enthusiastic sellers do its best to go with a friend who knows the market well.I enjoy my visits here. I consider it an enjoyable experience when I have the time.I give it a 4 star because parking can be hell.

Review №8

One of the biggest markets in Lagos where u can get all qualities of any and everything you need. It is a :shine your eyes market. I got the attached from this market. Theyre real good stuffs

Review №9

I visited on a Sunday. There are less buyers and less sellers. I am able to scantily shop without the usual hustle and bustle. Goods available are clothings, hair, shoes, bags etc

Review №10

Idumota Market is a market located on Lagos Island, a suburb and local government area of Lagos State. It is one of the oldest and arguably one of the largest markets in West Africa with thousands of lock-up shops occupying various buildings in the market.

Review №11

So much traffic and crowded, with alot of goods and services

Review №12

Chai! Let me first exclaim. The fact that I dont really go out makes visiting this place a drag. One of the most high in traffic places youll ever be in Lagos. With almost every space occupied by one small business or the other, youll hardly walk 2 feet before you collide with someone or they collide with you.Its a dog eat dog location where you have to shine your eyes at all times. If you are not the type that can handle stress, this is not the market to be because you are sure to get a share of the stress from this place when you visit.Talk about buying various kinds of products, especially fabrics, clothes and jewelries...this is the finest spots you can go for the right price especially if you are retailer.

Review №13

Its a nice place with so many things of choice. But the prices are high now due to the economy of the country.

Review №14

The colourful background from the many yellow buses is always a sight to see at the market

Review №15

Cool place to visit on Sunday though few marketer but the experience was worth it

Review №16

All i can say is you just need the strength to trek round the market😩😩😩

Review №17

A very busy shopping place. Perfect to get anything in the world

Review №18

Boisterous. Heavy traffic everytime. One of the biggest market in lagos . You will find practically anything and everything here. As in everything from building/construction wares to baby diapers

Review №19

Idumota Market is a market located on Lagos Island, a suburb and local government area of Lagos State. It is one of the oldest and arguably one of the largest markets in West Africa with thousands of lock-up shops occupying various buildings in the market. The market along with Alaba international market is a major distribution hub for Home videos and music in Lagos State, and one of the biggest in Nigeria.Idumota market is so popular that large sales are recorded as early as 7am. The market is made up of multiple storey-buildings with some measuring about 5 or more floors.In 2010, the Lagos State Governmentdemolished some illegal structures in order to improve vehicular and human movement in and around the market.During weekdays, the neighborhood of Idumota is densely populated by shoppers, traders and bus passengers. From the Carter bridge, ascending into Lagos Island, passengers can see the neighborhood before disembarking at their final destination.Idumota was previously the location of an armed forces remembrance cenotaph, called Soja Idumota, built as a monument to Nigerian soldiers who served with the West African Frontier Force. An Eyo masquerade stature and a clocktower are also some monuments at Idumota.

Review №20

1. Not for the faint hearted!2. Has almost everything you need!3. Go with a small cross body bag to protect your phone/money from pickpockets4. Has a lot of atm machines and most traders there accept bank transfers, so you dont necessarily have to carry sozdx much cash around.For Jewelries/baby items - DosumuFor lace fabrics - OluwoleFor Male wears - MandilasFor women - BalogunFor Provisions- Oke arin/ Ebute EroKitchen Utensils - HollowayThats all i know for now😁And yea, if you look at one of my pictures, youll see a guy trying to convinve me to follow him to his store where he claims has all I need. Dont trust those guys! They either sell to you at an outrageous price, defraud you, rob you, or confuse you😩Anyways, shopping there is exciting! Haha!

Review №21

Youd get anything in this market.. But make a list of the things you want or you might just end up buying everything you see.. Awesome market with great marketers.

Review №22

Nice market, though very rowdy

Review №23

Very good for wedding shopping. From asoebi to beads to accessories.Just make sure you have good bargaining ability or you will end up buying things at twice the actual price

Review №24

Great value for money spent. Its a really big market.. Lots of varieties, i went to shop for fabrics and sewing items

Review №25

Its a very big market with different compartments. You mostly get cheaper prices for goods here than in other parts of Lagos state. Youll find guides who stand at strategic points to help you find what youre looking for in case you dont know your way.Also, its a great place for getting wholesale prices if youre involved in business. However, its very busy with a high volume of human traffic and vehicular traffic sometimes.

Review №26

A great place to buy your wholesale and retail products. This market has just about everything you might be looking for in terms of clothing/ fashion and household products... even some food items too. Although more can be done to improve cleanliness and proper organisation in this market

Review №27

A place to find literally any youre looking for in any quality and quantity 👌

Review №28

Its a very busy market that you can get all kinds of goods such as accessories, industrial and edible.Despite its crowded environment, its still recommendable for a nice goods purchase...

Review №29

Lots of one-way!Its organized though.

Review №30

For all your necessities when it comes to rocking that Owambe party every Saturday. This is a place to get everything you might needs from Swiss Lace to Guinea Brocade fabrics. Trust me you need to be here

Review №31

A beehive of commercial activity, human beings throng this place. You could get any fashion related stuff a much cheaper rate too! Always value for money, but be mindful of fake products too!

Review №32

Idumota market is a popular Market in Lagos Nigeria. The beautiful thing about The market is that you can get just about anything and everything you want there. Sadly it is over crowded but they got the best of everything ranges from shoes, bags, groceries , and what have you. If you cant find whatever you want at this market, then you cant find it in Lagos.Note: you have to be careful as there pick pocket amongst the people there. So, guide your belongings jealously.

Review №33

Good place to buy cheap items but with huge traffic

Review №34

I would say its one of the most popular and busiest markets in Lagos. Ive always gone there 11am but I decided to leave early today. I was there 7am and the place was packed full. Shops were open and wears were out ready for sale. You can buy anything you want...I mean anything except electronics here. They sell it but its not the go to market for that. From items as little as biros, toothpicks, books, schools bags, ranging to clothes (kids to adults) and food/kitchen items, provisions etc. Youll find it here and at wholesale price too. Youll find items based on your pocket as well...items from China, Turkey, UK, germany etc. Just make sure youre wearing something comfy and be ready to push through the crowd and youre good to go.

Review №35

Very busy market. You just need to know where you are headed as there are so many people desiring to have you enter their store/shop.

Review №36

One of the biggest market in west Africa,Nothing you cant find in idumota Market. Was here to buy ceramics and fabrics.

Review №37

It has not changed oooo. Still rowdy as ever. Its the Lagos thingy

Review №38

You want to buy anything - clothes, foodstuffs, household items, baby things, jewellery at wholesale prices? This market is the go-to place.The market spots spacious car parks too. However, get ready for some shoves here, slams there because the human traffic is heavy. You also need to be very protective of your personal effects. . All in all, good shopping experience.

Review №39

Weather was cool in the morning but very hot (feels like 37°) this afternoon. The market is full with people moving around buying their items. Although prices of some items have increased compared to last two weeks; we still have to buy as we dont have any option.

Review №40

Amazaing, convenience and Perfect market

Review №41

Lots of places to shop but seriously crowded. No social distancing.

Review №42

Its a good market place

Review №43

The market for the people. One of the best in market place in Nigeria. It has almost everything you want to buy.

Review №44

Largest market in Lagos, based in central lagos state.There are different sections of the market so it’s a great place to shop for all your needs.

Review №45

A nice place to get your wears and needed items. But you gate be careful.... Eko lo wa... Shine your eyes

Review №46

International market buzzing with all manner of lovable things. Come and buy what we are selling

Review №47

Trust you know how busy lagos Island can be, very tight. You have to be smart about everything you are doing there, walking, buying, moving around smartly. Be careful how you carry your belongings. Overall, you will get everything you want at Idumota, if you dont know there well, ask around.

Review №48

Good means of transmission of trade and of inter link to different route of the State Lagos...much more

Review №49

Very rough, dirty, noisy and crowded. Shopping us here is stressful even though you get to items at good prices if you know how to bargain.

Review №50

Good price but stressful

Review №51

At adetunji lane there is fire outbreaks yesterday on the 11-3-2021But we thank Almighty Allah for take control over it life lost but property was distroy

Review №52

Almost everything you need is available. Although the environment is too crowded with very limited space for parking. One must be very smart and careful as there are touts and pick pockets all around.

Review №53

Is a very busy market where u can fine everything u ever want with fair prices

Review №54

A place were you can buy everything you needed in life.

Review №55

If you are familiar with main market in Onitsha, this is the replica. Eko Idumota market is a general market where you can get different items ranging from clothes, bags, shoes, foodstuffs including perishable ones, all at affordable prices. There is a suitable item for your pocket at every spot. Check it out one day.

Review №56

Nice place for bulk buyingClothing ,provisions,shoes food stuffs etc

Review №57

Any commodity you want, youll find here. Just shine ya eyes 👀

Review №58

Great sources of various ranges of products like medicines and hospital supplies, baby products and household products

Review №59

My experience was fun. I was able to buy all I needed at an affordable rate. I look forward to going there again someday.

Review №60

Very funny sellers, you need to have strong bargaining power

Review №61

One of the largest market place in Lagos.Ideal for household, fashion whole sale shopping.Very busy business activities. Public paid Car park available. Although havy traffic should be factored as a result business activities.

Review №62

A nice place to visit your early in the morning 🌄

Review №63

Nice shopping area. You get the best price

Review №64

The great part is, theres nothing you are looking for that you wont find in this market. The bad part is the enormous crowd of shoppers and be wary of pick pockets and thieves so guard your bags and valuables jealously. Dont be overwhelmed by the crowd or the sheer size of the market or inability to locate what you want.A quick way to find what you want is to locate the boys who are asking you what you want to buy. They know all the good places where you can get great deals.Use them, save time and gift them 500 to 1k and you will be happy.

Review №65

The famous Idumota Market! Most busy than a bees hive, rowdy and noisy. This market is located just after the bridge that leads to the Island, Not too far from Surulere. You can get anything you can think of here, anytime from cockcrow to sun dawn. This is the real EKO!

Review №66

Its a busy market place where you get anything you want , but requires a lot of patience and security consciousness.

Review №67

A market for lots of different things, almost everything can be found in this market.

Review №68

A super busy market but there us almost nothing you cant get here. You just need to know the right corners for super cheap prices.

Review №69

Has a lot if items, ranging from Clothings, to food, accessories, medical supplies, shows and bags, etc.The risk side is it is not well designed to accommodate as much car parks as needed and there is a fare for parking which is managed by the street urchins.Its a nice marker to be, but one must be street-smart at Idumota market because of some low-level criminals (pocket pickers and phone/items stealers).Thanks

Review №70

Rowdy as always. Too jam packed with people and vehicles but there are varieties of items to buy and at fabulous prices.

Review №71

Ooohh...this place is populated!!! And things are quite cheap here, especially if u can really walk inside. Good 👍👍

Review №72

Its a market where u get all your goods like groceries, toiletries, foodstuffs wears for kids and adults, hair accessories and whatever you can think of. Also there is provision for packing space and there are ppl who are available to carry ur wares to any destination at an affordable rate.

Review №73

I got the things i needed but disliked the experience, if you enjoy your comfort then coming here isnt for you.

Review №74

All in one place for shopping but the traffic to the market and road condition is not so good

Review №75

Jakande gate is OK, traffic free

Review №76

Google map has always been the best and helpful for me.

Review №77

Largest west Africa market situated in the heart of Lagos Island. It has different sections of goods for sale with mixed finesse presentations. Be prepared to take a long walk as accessibility is better via foot once on the island. Prices are pocket friendly as well as varied offers of goods available.

Review №78

The real experience where human flow forces you to feel the population of Lagos

Review №79

Ill give it five stars because you can get absolutely anything you want at Idumota Market. There are varieties of items, products, sellers situated at various locations.The biggest disadvantage is its rowdiness; huge numbers of buyers, commuters, sellers and passersby troop the market everday. Hence, this partially gives room for pickpockets to carry out their nefarious acts.If you have to visit Idumota Market; Shine ya eye well well(be at alert always) like they popularly say. You should hold your bag and belongings firmly in a position where you can watch them closely.Also, I assure you that you will enjoy street food in Idumota, most especially the fries, Ofada rice and the delicious taste of hot amala...Im salivating already. Lol😂😂I do hope you enjoy your visitation to Idumota Market; I also help you get what you need there. Cheers🥂

Review №80

Many items that can be bought at affordable prices

Review №81

Xmas shopping in full swing. Noisy but trading nonstop...

Review №82

You can easily get any wears of your choice

Review №83

Extremely busy and rowdy. You can get all basic domestic products at wholesale prices.

Review №84

Idumota Market is an international with a multi layer market which deals major in wholesales businesses its located at the heart of the commerce hub of The Federal Republic of Nigeria Lagos. Goods of different calibre great price. Public toilet is available, no too good for children because of the high nature of the market, wheelchair accessible, wheelchair parking lot accessible. Has a drive through.

Review №85

Not as it use to ,be,with Italian products, from bags,shoes, materials, ETC. Too many fake, products, china products are killing the essential commodity. They lack durabilities ( the china products in the market everything is now from China and is all FAKE).

Review №86

A good place for all kinds of shopping. Variety market place indeed

Review №87

You can find anything you want a at the best price in Naija. Parking a problem.

Review №88

Crowded so you need to be careful with ur stuffs other than that they have virtually everything u might need at affordable rates

Review №89

Got things at best prices! But shine our eyes and hold your bag well.

Review №90

Nice Market, Business environment, all businesses can survive there

Review №91

Good Market for quality product and cuatomer friendly environ

Review №92

Nice place but very crowdy

Review №93

Nice place to buy thing in bulk at cheaper rate

Review №94

If you want to start your own SME then this is the place to visit...very resourceful sellers.

Review №95

Its overly crowded but has a variety for most things you need at affordable prices with good bargain. In this period that theres the third wave of COVID-19 lurking around, youll need to have a face mask handy.

Review №96

Very Crowdy.. But surely a place to get all types of items and wears.. It a commercial hub for varieties of services

Review №97

Be careful not to loose your gadgets here, this place can get rough at is always crowded.There is nothing you want that you cannot get here, either in bulk or in units.

Review №98

It was a rainy day , it was mess, but variety of things. My opinion the stress is much . Buying from retailers ,is paying them for the stress. Fun for site seeing.

Review №99

My mum sells garri in this market.Its a very big place to get anything you are looking for ranging from utensils, to wears, food stuff and many moreThe culture of Lagos is very ingrained here and you can see the oba palace around this place.I love the Amala and Ewedu I took here, well my mum bought for me, however the last time I came in the evening, the rice I ate was spoiling already.The place is also super rowdy and you can loose your belongings if you are not careful, my mum always warn me not to take fliers from people sharing around the market, they are scammers😔Above all, Idumota is a great landmark in Lagos but you must shine your eye!

Review №100

So many entrances and link one can easily miss the way.

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