Digital Marketing Skill Institute Digital Marketing Training Course in Lagos, Nigeria
72b Surulere Way, Dolphine Estate 101222, Lagos, Nigeria

Review №1

When I started Digital marketing, I had no practical knowledge about the industry, but all thanks to DMSI for the nursing, nurturing and coaching in the area of online marketing.The support system is simply amazing. You deserve a standing ovation.

Review №2

Well planned and packaged course. It really turned out more demanding and challenging than I expected but the feeling of achievement at the end was worth all the effort. I appreciate DMSI for their effort at educating and empowering the community.

Review №3

This is by far the best personal investment i have made. i have shared my testimony over and over because of the impact this course has made. From the step by step toddler/beginner approach to becoming an expert, trust me it is a well planned and structured process that is open to EVERYONE. The trainers are a good asset as well. How they listen, access and proffer solution makes every dime worth it. Shout out to coach Joseph and the crew. I can going on and on about them but no epistle is more convincing as the amount of people they have trained. You need to add value...... TAKE THAT COURSE!

Review №4

DMSI is a nice place to be. I got into the training as a novice and came out with a lot of knowledge. The coaches are so patient in attending to every student because they understand that everyone doesnt learn at the same rate.

Review №5

DMSI digital marketing training course has given me not just the skills but the confidence to keep soaring . The learning experience was worth it !Shout out to all the coaches for their support and wealth of knowledge.

Review №6

It was a great eye opener for me. Highly engaging and down to earth. I have been able to start my business- as a result. Thank you DMSI

Review №7

Digital Marketing Skill Institute is the right place to be to acquire digital skill in online marketing. The courses offered are very detailed - covering courses relating to digital marketing that will help to be successful in digital market.. They have a great support system - with the teachers, graduated students and on-going students. I would highly recommend the Institute to anyone considering going into the digital marketing business.

Review №8

This is the best platform to digital marketing training. The coaches simplify each term and give guided support when you encounter difficulties. If you are serious about getting complete digital marketing training then DMSI is the place for you.

Review №9

DMSI is really the leading institute when it comes to digital marketing training. L haf attended several trainings on digital marketing but always got stuck due to incomplete modules, lack of support and other factors. But with DMSI, the support is second to none. THE COURSES ARE SO INDEPTH. I NOW HAVE A PATHWAY TO GO. THANK YOU DMSI.

Review №10

I really commend the Digital Marketing Skills Institute. They know their Onions, they really know their onions. Keep up the good work guys! I really enjoyed the experience, especially the Q&A sessions. They take time to really explain things to you.

Review №11

Great Experience.What I enjoyed most about DMSI training is their hands on approach,it gave the opportunity for live projects which greatly enhanced learning.

Review №12

It is a very remarkable and excellent programme. The content and presentation by the facilitators was consistently high quality and engaging. Each session brought an excellent review of its challenges and opportunities inherent. Thank you very much and please keep up the good work .

Review №13

Amazing Institute, thank you DMSI for introducing me to the world of digital marketing and empowering me with the necessary skills needed to make headway and excel in the digital world.

Review №14

I really gained a lot here. DMSI deserves five stars and more. I had done website design training on other online platforms, but never really learnt much. But with the detailed training I got on DMSI I can now conveniently build a website from scratch. I would want to see an improvement though, on your response time to learners issues. Assistance should be given immediately to those who require it, instead of having them book for a one on one session which usually happens 24 hours later, or wait for the daily questions and answer sessions. For me, every other thing is near prefect. Kudos to you guys!

Review №15

Spending these months studying at DMSI has been worthwhile from listening to the modules to working on projects. It has opened doors of ideas and has made me grasp all that seemed larger than life. Im now interested in digital marketing skills always to improve my personal business and to give others ideas where necessary.Thank you for equipping me with these skills and Im sure it will translate to success as I apply all that I have learnt.Above all, I loved the support from the Staff.

Review №16

I, Ezeh Ngozi, a Graduating Student of Digital Marketing Skill Institute declares that DMSI is Simply the best among equals. I never knew that theres an Institute that can be as detailed and supportive in digital marketing like Digital Marketing Skill Institute. Im glad I discovered your Institute. In your Institute, I got just the skill I long desired to have. In fact, what you gave me is far beyond my expectation. I am so grateful to you for bringing me this far and By Gods grace, I will make you proud. You are awesome.

Review №17

I want to specially thank the founder of Dmsi Mr Tobi Asehinde and a very big thank you to all the coaches. When it comes to digital skills, i was a novice, but right now i can boldly say am good reason is, the coaches took their time to walk me through each modules and ensures my projects were accurate. Am ready to give back to the world the knowledge DMSI has instilled in me. I will say i got value for my money with Dmsi.

Review №18

It was nice studying at DMSI. The teachers are great and know how to pass the message across in a way you will understand. I am able to use the skill to build a functioning website that rank in google. The best lecture for me is the course module on SEO. It is never a waste of money. I am glad to take this course

Review №19

DMSI is an Amazing institute to work with. The courses are so packed up with great resources and its 95% practical. You practically do all the courses yourself and with the help of the coaches. They are truly giving value and raising future digital generations. An glad I made it to this point, thank you DMSI

Review №20

Wow! I am glad l took this course; DMSI really upgraded my knowledge on digital marketing. Before now, l usually pays heavily to people to promote my business online but now I can do it myself. see me using the skills I have acquired at DMSI to develop my business online. The investment and the knowledge gained really worth it. l really thank you guys. Kudos to DMSI team, you guys are trying, as a master student l got one on one sections and support even more extra time. Thanks for the training and impartation God Bless DMSI.

Review №21

It has been amazing going through the drill of learning this skill but I thank God I did. I can tell you DMSI delivered beyond expectation. Their training package turns a novice in digital marketing to a genius in a process of time.

Review №22

Digital Marketing Skill Institute, DMSI, has all it takes to satisfy all your training needs in digital marketing skills, your niche nonetheless.I had searched for foreign coaching bureau to help out on some basic digital skills with no success, even after paying. I stumbled on DMSI while watching a YouTube video and the experience? You bet, its one of the best there is.I registered for their Masters Programme, had all the necessary tools to work with, associated with easy step by step coaching lines and videos, one-on-one daily coaching with an expert to help me sort grey areas. Its been awesome indeed. In just a month, I am able to build a website, post scheduled ads on social media platforms, added my business niche on google search engine and optimized my page for keywords search on google.Thank you guys. Indeed this is where Digital Marketing Skills Coaching hub lives. You rock!!

Review №23

Training at DMSI has been an impactful experience. The training modules/videos were very clear and easy to understanding. The projects at the end of the module enables you to practice what is taught. Kudos to the coaches for the online training and support. I recommend DMSI

Review №24

Wow! Here we are at last. Ive hard about Digital Marketing Skill Institute since 2017 there about here in Abuja through my wife. But I told her I will like to check up their activities first so as not to fall in the hands of crooks who didnt have anything to offer.And on the 6/06/2021, she told me again about DMSI so I decided to put a call through to one of the coordinators, and after explaining to him my doubts about the course and what I got from a previous online course I did, he assured me of getting my desired result from DMSI. Not still convinced, I asked if I could Pay the fees twice, just to test the waters, so if I couldnt get what I want, I can let go the deposit. I paid the first instalment on the 08/06/202 and started the program, but after the first module and having read through all the remaining 8 modules headlines, I was satisfied with the whole stuff, so I quickly paid the balance instead of waiting till the end of the month as agreed.Im grateful to all the couches, especially @Couche Joseph Adesanya I look forward to doing more stuff with DMSI soonest.Thanks,HAMBOLU EMMY .O

Review №25

The course was challenging and educative. I have definitely grown in my knowledge and abilities in digital marketing. The knowledge gained is definitely worth the money invested. I really found the instructors and the daily zoom sessions extremely helpful. I would recommend DMSI to people looking to invest in themselves for the better.

Review №26

At first it was not easy for me because i don¨t believe in online training but at a time i came to realized that i need this training.

Review №27

DMSI has provided the platform for exposure to the real life scenarios through the projects and assignment in this course. It was a wonderful experience with impartation of knowledge and skills required to compete in the market

Review №28

It has been a 7 weeks long of standard learning process for me. I do not consider myself the type of person who likes to sing praises about anything or everything.Although I wasnt so sure of what to expect in the beginning of my training, plus this being my first time in attending a virtual class, I must say the online coaches were really really professional in their teaching methods. Most especially Coach Joseph Akinsanya.For me, their slow approach of teaching is top-notch because it allows their audience to understand precisely what they are talking about which I considered very demonstrative and excellent.Thanks.

Review №29

I have learnt a lot already, the Q&A session is superb

Review №30

The entire learning experience was exciting, thanks to coached that were always available. The skills acquired would be used maximally to improve my digital marketing journey. Thanks DMSI for the knowledge acquired. See you on TOP!

Review №31

I have a lot of good things to say about my experience with DMSI, but let me just say this, I made double of the amount I paid for this course the first month I started, even without advertising my skills on social media yet, Training with DMSI is the best decision I have ever made in my adulthood.

Review №32

DMSI has been a revelation. They have gotten everything right, from the teaching methods right down to the motivation for the students. Its been wonderful learning here. Thank you Tobi, Joseph and the entire DMSI team. Kanpai.

Review №33

Its a whole new world with lots of potential and opportunities. Thanks to the team for the training and support provided.

Review №34

Taking this program is one of the best decisions I ever made. Fresh from the course, I was charging an average of $500 to set up email marketing flows for clients in the US, UK & Ca. With the library of resources, templates and support at DMSI, I was able to expand my digital marketing services and scale to $5K/mo. Worth every penny!

Review №35

DMSI is the best place to learn digital marketing from. All the coaches are always ready to help when you need them. The platform is user friendly and regularly updated. I want to say a big thank you.

Review №36

I found The DMSI Program to be rich, enriching. It helps one to have a good understanding of all key aspects of digital marketing and tools.

Review №37

The courses were intense, drilling and importantly no short cuts but it was worth all the hard work and sleepless nights put in. DMSI is worth every money spent.

Review №38

Had a wonderfull experience learning digital marketing with DMSI. Everything about DMSI is just amazing from the detailed online classes,the question and answer sessions,the professionalism of the coaches and so many more.Looking for where to learn digital marketing? DMSI is your best blog and you will be amazed you did.

Review №39

This is the best program on the internet and am happy i was part of this process. I have made a sale worth 200k.

Review №40

I just took the DMSI digital marketing course. Its exceptional, 100% hands-on and packed with helpful tips, resources and a vibrant community. Thanks to DMSI, I now feel very confident that Ill thrive as a digital marketer.

Review №41

DMSI is practically the best online course platform out there to give you that digital skills needed to excel in the digital marketing world.All in one package ...thanks

Review №42

The learning experience was so great and I really loved their question and answer sessions. It helped to make the lectures more understandable.

Review №43

The DMSI course module was detailed. I was able to dive deep to learn more about social media and digital marketing. The assignments truly helped me to put to practice what Ive learned and understand what more I need to do to get better.

Review №44

I am so glad I took this course- I have a new skill and a new agency. You will all hear my success story. Thank you DMSI

Review №45

After going through DMSI digital marketing training, it becomes very clear to me that, at DMSI everything is designed to make their students get value for their money, and that to me is the hallmark of a reputable institute. I registered for their training as a novice but I can tell you for sure that DMSI have made me a digital marketing guru. George Williams Eze.

Review №46

DMSI gave me the experience i was looking for with digital marketing, Kept me on my toes and guided me to not settle for unproductivity. Their support is Flawless.

Review №47

Sincerely, words, texts, etc would fail me. Lets just say theyve got everything and more of whatever you need in digital marketing...With a zero knowledge in digital marketing, DMSI promises to make a guru out of you, if only you apply what youre taught.With DMSI, youre in the right place.

Review №48

It was all I needed for a career shift. Am glad I took the decision to take the course. I gained every penny I paid and more..thank you DMSI

Review №49

Every penny paid is worth it. Training is educative and social. There is no boring session with any coach. All training course are explicit.

Review №50

I came to DMSI with no knowledge what so ever about digital marketing , and I finish fully equipped. Their coaches are wonderful and I enjoyed every bit of the training I received, I couldnt have asked for a better digital marketing training institute.

Review №51

The Experience at DMSI has been AWEmazing.The coaches are readily available to help solve problems. Coming into DMSI I knew very little about Digital Marketing and I can confidently say I am 90% better than I came.I intend to implement everything skill I have learnt here. We will see on the other side of greatness.Thank You DMSI team!

Review №52

DMSI is practically the best online course program you need to excel in the digital marketing field, especially if you’re just getting familiar with the job. Very helpful and very beneficial! I am a living testimony. Thank you DMSI

Review №53

I enjoyed this course greatly because it was well detailed with instruction manuals and materials. I started first with offline classes but had to switch to online classes because of the pandemic and lockdown. The training is worth every penny. Going out there to make the best of the skills and knowledge gained.

Review №54

Easy to locate... Thanks to google map...

Review №55

I am so glad to find this school during the earlier stage of corona. Ive been able to use the period to learn a lot from Digital Marketing Skill Institute. What I love most is the practical part of the lessons, I can confidently now call myself a Digital Marketer🙂. Thank you so much for a time well spent.

Review №56

DMSI is Nigerias top digital marketing school. I dare say Africas. Not only are the classes organized and easy to follow, the platform is user-friendly.But DMSI didnt stop there...They organize weekly Q&A sessions where students can go to ask questions about their areas of confusion and receive answers in real-time.And thats not all...The platform also boasts a knowledge base filled with materials rich in valuable information on all things digital marketing.But for me one of the best things is the community on Telegram. Its a long list of people who are helpful, cordial, resourceful, and sometimes even hilarious. All you need to do is pop a question on there and youd get valid answers hitting your screen in no time.DMSI, you guys are too much. God bless you.

Review №57

DMSI has a great support system. And your success is guaranteed!!

Review №58

The class was very practical. I could follow step by step even though I have no background in marketing or web designing. My questions were responded to promptly.

Review №59

DSMI made me a confident digital marketer. Their teaching strategies are very understanding .Try them out, you will never regret it!

Review №60

I had the best learning experience, far greater than what I expected. Their customer service is beyond exceptional and quick to help out with any issues. Thank you so much DMSI, I will not let what I learnt go to waste.

Review №61

I am grateful to DMSI for this great opportunity. DMSI will push you out of your comfort zone to do better. I am glad and grateful to DMSI for the wonderful experiences.

Review №62

I would say one of the best digital marketing institute where you are being taught the A-Z of digital marketing with full understanding even if you are a novice you will turn out becoming a guru. just be consistent with your class and assignment. thank you dmsi

Review №63

Hi, my name is Emmanuel Ojekere , I recently had the opportunity of undergoing Digital Marketing Skill Institute’s Training, I can say without any doubt that it is worth my time, effort and Money spent. Mr. Joseph is an excellent coach, he takes efforts to make sure that the subject matter is delivered effectively to the students. with him the classes are full of practicals and never boring, he gives live examples and I would say that he does full justice to his job. I Would recommend DMSI training to anybody interested in starting a career in digital marketing, growing your business or start your own agency

Review №64

DMSI is a practical oriented training institute.I was priviledged to enroll in the online certification course and the coaches were so good with explanations that I forgot I wasnt in a physical class.The support system, learning materials, Q & A sessions just to mention a few are proof that they have set in place everything a student requires to be successful in digital marketing.I was in doubt ever since 2018 when I encountered their Ad on YouTube and despite discouraging comments, I decided to give it a go this year and I must say, Im impressed.

Review №65

I had a wonderful experience while studying at DSMI.

Review №66

I am glad and proud to be a student of DMSI, all through the training, they were always there to assist me, through their daily live Q&A sections, through emails and their online chatbot.I will gladly recommend DMSI to any one who is interested in learning digital marketing skills.

Review №67

My period of learning has been intresting, thats because of the question and answer session that has been made available to us.

Review №68

DMSI is an amazing school for online learning of digital marketing, the tutors take out time to give you proper explanations and course materials that dont just help you for the load assignments given but also help you as you continue to practice the career. if you pay attention and take all classes seriously, DMSI would make you a Great skills man/woman.

Review №69

Great Learning Platform for beginners hoping to become professional in Digital Marketing. Also they are dedicated to make sure that get quick response to those questions or challenges you might Encounter while learning.Keep up the good work DMSI Institute

Review №70

I’m Mayowa Adewuyi student of DMSi.... it’s an eye opener studying with DMSi and it’s has helped me a lot in understanding the act of marketing and also web developing.... DMSi is the real deal in today digital marketing and I’m happy to be part of the process God bless you DMSi

Review №71

It has been quite an experience taking this course with DMSI. Top notch, practical sessions. Very knowledgeable coaches with amazing patience.

Review №72

If you are not with DMSI, you are missing out. DMSI has given me a soft landing into the world of digital marketing. I have no regrets. Thanks.

Review №73

DMSI is an institute to go. I dont know anything about digital marketing before I joined but after taking the course am confident to practice digital marketing and my business has grown beyond my imagination. I run Advert for my business and others. This has taken my business to the whole wide world.

Review №74

It has been an awesome experience. I am well equipped now to be a digital marketing expert. Thank you DMSI.

Review №75

Well rated Knowledge based Coaching and follow-up.

Review №76

Best digital marketing institute. I got everything I need to know about digital marketing, with hands on experience, rugged but worth it. Thank you DMSI.

Review №77

Intensive and amazing learning experience with Digital Marketing Skill Institute.

Review №78

I learnt a lot from DMSI, and it has equipped me with a good knowledge on digital marketing which I believe will help me a lot in my future endeavors. DMSI is really doing a great job in providing useful skills.

Review №79

Digital marketing skill institute is a go to place to become a digital marketing expert. Their support system is superb

Review №80

When I decided to learn more about Digital Marketing, I looked around for a training institution in Lagos that could accommodate my available timing and was happy to learn that DMSI provided online classes. My journey through DMSI has been great and I am proud of the knowledge I have gain over the last couple of months, to bolster my traditional marketing experience and background. I would recommend DMIS to working professionals, as you can study flexibly at your own convenience.

Review №81

I decided to register for digital marketing training out of curiosity to know why my Companys digital agency charges so high.My experience in DMSI has been challenging and fruitful, even though I am not tech savvy, the training modules were simplified and explicit for everyone.The shocking part of my training experience was how I was able o build u a full blown Ecommerce site from the scratch while still learning. I got back more than the course fees from just one client within weeks after I registered.There have been many other jobs of which I have greatly benefited financially from while still learning.My advice to people out there is to come and learn from DMSI and their life will be transformed unimaginably. I never thought in my wildest dream that at my age I would explore the digital world the way I am exploring now.My greatest appreciation goes to my able CEO, Mr Tobi Asheinde and my able, hardworking and relentless coaches that never gave up on me.YOU GUYS ROCK!!!Eunice Bolaji

Review №82

Dmsi is the best training institute i have ever attended.I decided to take this bold step of learning all about digital marketing and i must say i never regretted it!The support was fantastic,the lectures were practicals to the core.I have learnt a whole lot.If you want to be totally independent,go for a digital marketing course and its best done at DMSI!

Review №83

Its a awesome experience here at DMSI and the their support system is second to none. Keep it up DMSI and more grace.

Review №84

I came to Digital Marketing Skill Institute and I was blown away. They delivered on all they said we were going to be taught and even much more. It was more of practical hands on sessions during all our training.The staff are just amazing, the food is also awesome.Making money has become far more easier with affiliate market. Generating, engaging and converting leads have become far easier as well.You will not be wasting your time and money registering and attending this course. Its totally amazing.

Review №85

I want to use this opportunity to thank the entire crew of DMSI. You guys rock! Taking the digital marketing course has been a life changing ride for me. I have learnt a whole lot ranging from designing a customer avatar, to running Facebook and Instagram ads and designing a website etc. I sincerely believe that armed with these knowledge and training, the sky is the limit.I recommend DMSI to anyone wishing to undertake training in digital marketing. They are simply the best.

Review №86

Glad to have learnt digital marketing from this international institute. Running with all the tips learnt.

Review №87

The DMSI programme is really rigorous and intensive. I had undergone various learning programmes from different trainers and coaches around the world, before reluctantly accepting to embark on the DMSI journey, as a result of my wife encouraging me to do same. I thank God she encouraged me, and I thank God for giving me the humility to listen. It has been 2 months of intensive training.What particularly stands DMSI out for me is the home flavour. The language, the tone the mood of the entire training has Nigeria and Africa written all over it. So it is easy to take in and to assimilate. My confidence as a digital marketing specialist and coach has tremendously increased. I feel more poised to help more people turn strangers into customers for them.I strongly recommend their core programme to anyone who desires to take digital marketing seriously.A point of note though; if you are not really ready for the time and mental commitment, dont bother trying. The programme is only for those who are intentional about succeeding.

Review №88

Im giving DMSI 5 stars rating because they have helped in so many ways to shape my Digital Marketing career. Attached is an E-flier to my Agency website and services I now offer to brands & businesses across the nation through the skills Ive acquired @DMSI. I would recommend DMSI to anyone who wishes to grow in their career irrespective of their field of study, because the world is not going Digital like people often say, but it has gone Digital. Ive so much to say but Ill stop here. All I can say is thank you DMSI, it was worth it, in fact I feel I benefited more than I paid for.Regards,Segun A.

Review №89

The videos are well grafted to take you through the whole process without physically being taught by a coach. Amazing!

Review №90

For the very first time I stumbled on the Digital Marketing Brand I could rely on. Digital Marketing Skills Institute is indeed, an institute per excellent to launch your career in Digital Marketing.

Review №91

The training was quite tasking and interesting. The facilitators did a good job and ensured everyone was carried alone. i am happy i passed through this training. But i believe the website and SEO marketing class should be done in the second week because there are lots of information that one needs to grasp and putting it at the ending sessions isnt too nice.

Review №92

My experience in DMSI was really awesome. I was a real novice when it comes to digital marketing or doing things on the social media.I actually started not really having any plans but am glad I attended all the same and really liked the website design class and Google ad.Am also impressed about the couches, they made sure everyone is carried along, they made sure they put in their best to impact knowledge.I really think 4 weeks, twice a week training is too short a time for novices like me, the period should be extended.

Review №93

Im excited to be a part of this life changing professional training. I must say, I have acquired great skills that will take me higher in life. I will recommend anyone that want to make it in life without limitation should come to acquire this skill at this reputable institution. You will never regret it.

Review №94

Very Comprehensive and excellent hands on experience, especially with the rigorous course assignments.

Review №95

Very detailed training and excellent delivery.

Review №96

If you really want to become a Digital Marketer, look no further, DMSI is the place to be

Review №97

Best place to learn anything Digital marketing.

Review №98

Its been an incredible experience, the course really offers in debt information on digital marketing. You are forced to practice these principles so you understand them and implement the for your business. Have no doubt DMSI is legit.

Review №99

It was a great experience to have attended the institute. The class was well coordinated and the learning environment was very conducive. The courses are well elaborated and the course team wonderful and talented professionals. Personally i think the time table should worked on. Outside that, the institute is a most visit institute.

Review №100

Awesome experience, i am really delighted to have these skill.

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